New York Epoch Times

"...Ellen powered her way through Prokofiev’s finger-twisting complexities as if they were a nursery rhyme. The lyrical passages pulsed with emotion, while her dazzling octaves at the close were spectacular. Ellen generated massive sonorities, producing a particularly rich, resonant bass register on Carnegie’s 9-foot Steinway Grand. She is a major talent."

The Journal of Music

"The true find of the festival though was perhaps Ellen Jansson’s performance of Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel’s Das Jahr ... Its moods flit from ringing, brass-like fanfare to a delicately detailed texture – as speaker Diana Ambache described one movement, ‘capricious as the changing weather’. These different moods were ably managed by Jansson with a nuanced performance particularly notable for her ability to bring out of the complex music a wonderful sense of movement."

Finding a Voice Festival, Photo: John Kelly